Very often ML projects require pre-define custom setup. Clouderizer offers a way to specify these custom setups as bash script in your project properties itself, so that these steps need not be repeated every time you start your project.

Under WORKSPACE tab, we can find Setup and Startup scripts.

Setup Script

Script specified under Setup is executed very early in your project startup. This is before your code and data is downloaded in the docker container. This section is useful for scripting setups like installing complex dependencies (like Anaconda, which cannot be specified as simple PIP or APT package).

Startup Script

Script specified under Startup is executed once project is almost setup and ready. This is after your code, data and output folders are fully downloaded and synced with your Google Drive. This section is useful for auto kickstarting our training or data regularisation activities. This script can accomodate long running tasks without any issues.

Startup Scripts are run in an independent tmux session, which means, it is possible to open and view this session anytime and evaluate its progress or troubleshoot any errors. Just open a remote terminal from the running project and type the following command to connect to startup tmux session
tmux a -t startup

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